Goodmojo, 80, Retribution Paladin.

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Goodmojo, 80, Retribution Paladin.

Post  GoodMojo on Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:52 am

Character name: Goodmojo

Level: 80

Class: Paladin

What is your age and gender (real life)?: 18 Male

Where are you from IRL and what is the time zone (PDT, MDT, CDT, EDT, other)?: EST

Primary Raiding Talent Spec: Retribution

Secondary Raiding Spec: Protection

WoW Armory Link:

Please link a recent WWS or WMO report here for us to see. If your guild didn't use either, please tell us what kind of damage can you do in a raid environment (DPS classes/specs only): My guild does not currently raid, however, I can assure you that my DPS is easily 2800. 3000 in Naxx

We do progression raiding Monday-Thursday 6-10 PDT. How many days can you attend consistently?: I can attend all raid days without difficulty, and if I cannot make it I would make a post on the forums somewhere.

Raid Experience (What is the farthest you've been in WoW Classic, TBC, and WotLK?): WoW Classic : AQ40
TBC : Illidan down, WotLK : All tier 7 content completed. This is not apparent through my armory link, as this is a new main. If proof is needed please armory Baadmojo for my WotLK progress and Haviq for my TBC progress (on servers Tortheldrin and Kel'Thuzad respectively, both horde)

What Frostfire members do you know and what is your relationship? Why would they recommend you?: I do not know any Frostfire members, I have seen them around though and I am seeking a raiding guild.

Current Guild/Most Recent Raiding Guild: My current guild is more of a placeholder effectively. My last raiding guild was Exiles which cleared all Tier 7 content on a weekly basis before the release of Ulduar, following that we broke up and I rerolled alliance. I am now seeking a chance to experience Ulduar by starting from the bottom again.

Why do you want to leave your current guild?: We do not do anything, and I mean this literally, we do nothing.

If you were to respec, which build would you choose and why? Do you have the gear for this spec?: Protection, tanking is something that seems is always needed, no matter where you go, and I am happy to be useful. I have very little protection gear, but that is something easily remedied.

How do you prepare for new raid content that you've never experienced?: Stock up on as many consumables as possible and be ready for a long night with plenty of soda, or energy drinks. Also be prepared for many many wipes. Content progression is crucial to guild morale, and people must be ready to sacrifice whatever gold price it may be to perform to max potential.

With server transfers available, there are many, many choices of raid guilds available to you. Why Frostfire?: Because I have seen Frostfire around, and it seems like something I would want to be a part of, no matter if it was only a sunday 25-man naxx floozy, or a Ulduar progression member.

Can you give us computer and internet specs?: 4GB ram, Nvidia 8800, Cable.

Do you have a microphone/Ventrilo?: I have both a microphone and Ventrilo.

How willing are you to give up a non-progression raiding spot to some to get gear/experience with the raiding team?: More than willing to sit out. Even if it is a progression night and leadership feels someone else would be better suited for my spot.

What would you do in a case where we take someone other than you for a progression raid (10 or 25)?: Get consumables for future raids, and be prepared to step in should someone leave.

Where in the world can you go 1 mile south, then 1 mile east, then 1 mile north and end up at the same spot?:
Fuck if I know, seriously... confused


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Re: Goodmojo, 80, Retribution Paladin.

Post  GoodMojo on Sun Jun 07, 2009 2:15 am

Final Edit : Because I fail at armory linking.
Also this is my Shaman, Baadmojo, much better gear lol.
And my Warlock for the TBC content check (check achievements, i miss my amaniwar bear Sad )

Final Notes:
I know my gear is terrible, and I feel that should be overlooked for now, as Blizzard has now set the game on a path where you bring the PLAYER not the GEAR. I am totally okay with starting out only participating in 25 man naxx. I am very patient when it comes to these things. I do have the aim of seeing Ulduar and further content in its entirety however, and I know im the quality kind of player who can actively fill my role as a DPS.


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Re: Goodmojo, 80, Retribution Paladin.

Post  GoodMojo on Sun Jun 07, 2009 2:23 am

WTB Edit post Abilities, pst. sorry for the fail.
ill elave my armory link up there to use just close the spaces between the h and ttp

Shaman : h ttp://
Warlock : h ttp://


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Re: Goodmojo, 80, Retribution Paladin.

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