Sulfate 80 Protection Warrior <Denied>

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Sulfate 80 Protection Warrior <Denied>

Post  Sulfate on Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:58 pm

Character name:Sulfate



Your RL Age:20

Your RL Sex:Male

Where are you from IRL? Florida

Primary Raiding Talent Spec: Protection

Secondary Raiding Spec: Arms

WoW Armory Link

Please link a recent WWS or WMO report here for us to see. If your guild didn't use either, please tell us what kind of damage can you do in a raid environment: Dont have these reports but back when i was arms i did well on the meters

Application Type: Select: Raid, General Member (just looking for a good guild), Friend/Family of Current Guildie:Raid and General Member

Your Time Zone (PDT, MDT, CDT, EDT, other): EDT

Playtime Availability: Whenever just not mornings.

We do progression raiding Monday-Thursday 6-10 PDT. How many days can you attend consistently?: All of em.

Raid Experience (What is the farthest you've been in WoW Classic, TBC, and WotLK?): Wow classic i went to BWL but on my old resto druid cleared that TBC...sunwell Wotlk Naxx

MMORPG Game History: Does Diablo LOD count if not just WoW haha

What Frostfire members do you know and what is your relationship? Why would they recommend you?: I dont know anyone : / but Khaospoop told me if i was interested to sign up so i am doing so.

Current Guild:

Why do you want to leave your current guild?: More consistant raid spots so im not standing in IF picking my butt

Previous Guilds (Last 3 and approximate duration in each):Cant remember the last two too long ago i took a break but current is kc just a civilian though

How many achievement points do you have?: 1630

Are you the original owner of your main character's account?: Yep.

If you were to respec, which build would you choose? Why? Do you have the gear for any of these specs?: I only have prot gear right now but with the dual respec id go arms ever since redriot i <3 2 handers

Do you play in arenas? If so, what are your ratings like?: my 2s were 1600-1700 that was tbc days

What do you see as the current strengths of your particular class/spec in a raid setting?: Tanking

What do you see as the current weaknesses of your particular class/spec in a raid setting?: I could use more HP but i did my best just running heroics and 10 mans to do so

How do you prepare for new raid content that you've never experienced?: Experience it then kill it.

What is your least favorite part of high end guilds?: dunno

With server transfers available, there are many, many choices of raid guilds available to you. Why Frostfire?: My friends are on this server plus Kalecgos till i die hahaha been here forever

Can you give us computer and internet specs?: I live

Do you have a microphone?: Yeah

Can your computer run Ventrilo?: Yeah

Are you a keyboard turner?: Dont know what that is

Are you a clicker?: nahh

What is your greatness weakness as a WoW player? How are you trying to improve this aspect of your play?: None except being a follower when they start that anal stuff in trade chat i cant help it.

What is your greatest strength as a WoW player?: killin stuff

How willing are you to give up a non-progression raiding spot to some to get gear/experience with the raiding team?: I rather it be that way

What would you do in a case where we take someone other than you for a progression raid (10 or 25)?: I would say goodluck and hit me up on vent if you need me simple.

Name your top five favorite songs: Tupac - Dear Momma/ Eminem- Still don't give a fuck/ Tech N9ne - Melancholy Maze / Metallica - Master of puppets / Biggie Smalls - Nasty

What is your life like outside of WoW?: College goer...bookworm

In the event of a Warglaive of Azzinoth of dropping. A rogue that has shown his loyalty but is relatively new to the guild can complete the set with it, but you have more DKP and have been in the guild longer. Who gets the legendary?: I dont mess with fury so id give it to him

Big Lebosky or Caddyshack?: both cantchoose sorry

Step Brothers or Super Bad?: both ^

The Beatles or Lil' Wayne?: Lil wayne

Ice Cream or Cake?: Icecream cake

Pizza or Cheese Burger?: Pizza

Eat a cup of hair shavings or Use a rotting deer carcass for a backpack for 10 years?: Rotten deer carcass for a backpack

Lupe Fiasco or Blink 182?: Lupe Fiasco

Basketball or Football?: Basketball


Console or Computer games?: Computer games

Mac or PC?: PC

Coke or Pepsi?: Mountain Dew

*Answer 3 of the following*
What is the worst thing you have ever done sexually?:

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, where would you choose to hide and what weapon would you choose to defend yourself?: Ahh the question i ask myself everyday Foodstore on the roof with a mounted turret with lots of rounds

Youíre in a desert walking along in the sand when all of a sudden you look down, and you see a tortoise. Itís crawling toward you. You reach down and flip the tortoise over on its back. The tortoise lies on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs, trying to turn itself over, but it canít, not without your help. But youíre not helping. Why is that?: I like turtle underbellies

What mythical creature would you be and why?: Minotaur...i like axes


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Re: Sulfate 80 Protection Warrior <Denied>

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